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Mr Monday's Ideal Rope Set

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Quick Overview

Asanawa Jute 5mm

  • 60.5m in Total
  • 8 lengths

  • 4x 9m, 2x 3.5m, 1x 7m, 1x 10.5m
  • Plus 50ml Mineral Oil
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This years JRPPC winner has elected a rope set based on 5mm Asanawa Jute. Mr Monday's ideal rope bundle is actually a very functional set of ropes that will be ideal for any shibari enthusiast. 

This rope set consists of eight lengths of asanawa: 4x 9m, 2x 3.5m, 1x 7m, 1x 10.5m

Rope Conditioning Steps

Mr Monday was happy to tell us his approach to preparing this rope: "I prefer a rough texture to my rope. However, since some conditioning is require to assure a good flow, these are steps I take".

Per length:
1.  Wet each length of rope for 30 seconds
2.  Hang and stretch it really tight between two trees until its dry (prefer the outdoors/wind for drying).
3.  While its still stretched, singe stray fibers Apply a small amount of mineral oil over the entire length with a rough cloth.
4.  Run a grooved piece of sandalwood wax (once) over the top and bottom of the length
5.  Using a dry burlap cloth, firmly grip the rope and settle in the stretch by briskly rubbing the entire length twice

We would council that this particualr asanawa range, probably does not need to be wet conditioned at all, but the breif 30 second dip is possibly the best approach if you decide that softening the rope is required.

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Additional Information

Fibre Asanawa
construction 3 Twisted
Diameter 5mm
Loading No
Stretch Low

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