Jade Rope Returns Home

Many people may not realise that the origins of Jade Rope actually start in Brisbane Australia. In early 2009, frustrated by not being able to source good quality rope at a reasonable price, one of our founding members began the researching how to take a passion for rope and begin spreading that love to a greater audience.

Australia shot from spaceWhen that first business modelling was carried out the Australian market alone wasn't large enough to support imports of sufficient size to bring the costs involved down. Instead of turning away our small team spent 18 months abroad setting up our supplier network and additional outlets in the larger European markets to obtain the buying power necessary to bring great rope to Austlain shores.

It is a little known fact that Jade Rope was created specifically so that we could make the availability of great rope at reasonable prices a reality in Australia. Along the way, however, we’ve become completely enamoured with the passion for rope throughout the world and we’re extremely pleased to be pioneering a global rope network.

This was slightly a back to front way of doing things, but we are extremely glad that we have now returned home to Australia again! And it is even more delighting to have received such a warm welcome. We thank everyone for their kind letters and messages of support.