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Tossa Jute Rope 6mm | Unconditioned

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Product Name Price
Sample Length | 1m (3.5ft) | Max Qty 1
Tossa Jute Rope 6mm | 3.5 metres
Tossa Jute Rope 6mm | 7 metres
Tossa Jute Rope 6mm | 8 metres
Tossa Jute Rope 6mm | 9 metres
Tossa Jute Rope 6mm | 10.5 metres
Tossa Jute Rope 6mm | 14 metres

Customer Reviews

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Conditioning Review by Lucky13m
I ordered the 9 rope pack, which is fantastic value for money. However I don't agree with the product description that this rope needs no conditioning. It was very itchy scratchy and a bit stiff straight out the bag. My rope bunny hated it.
I tried a few different ways of conditioning and ended up using EM's method for best results.
The product description says it is made to Esinem's standards. I tried his method of conditioning and ruined 4 lengths! This rope does not like water! (Posted on 30/06/13)
beautiful rope Review by Michael
This rope looks and feels great. Great quality jute for a great price. This rope is pro. (Posted on 9/05/12)
Thanks Review by JJ
Very appreciative of the extra effort you wen't to in getting me this rope. I'm exstatic with the product and whole heartedly endorse it to anyone who wants soem great jute. (Posted on 23/03/12)
I lIke it! Review by Mahjong
I'm not sure where to start. Very impressed. This is nothing like any other rope I've tied with before. And I've paid a lot more. I'll be back for a lot more of this!
(Posted on 18/03/12)

4 Item(s)

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